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Growers Republic, the future of Horticultural Science & Engineering, is the leading manufacturer of high-performance LED grow lights designed for plants cultivation.

The advent of brand Growers Republic, learning from valuable experience of many professional growers from the United States and Canada which is a brand created jointly by growers, brand owners and manufacturers. We hope to share it with you, so as to create value for widely growers consistently.

Growers Republic's sole focus and abiding passion are to create lighting solutions and fixtures that enable previously unobtainable and unthinkable results, increasing productivity.

Designed in USA, assembled in China. Our unwavering commitment to advancing technology and finding more efficient and sustainable solutions has made us to be able to cover each individual growers' needs, from home growers to commercial facilities.

We have been partnering with SANANBIO, MOSO, SOSEN. Growers Republic has many patents, including invention, appearance and spectrum patents. Our unique spectrum provides growers with high output values.

At Growers Republic, we listen to growers, build products for growers. We make high-quality LED grow lights, provide excellent customer service.

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In the indoor planting factory, using Growers Republic's LED plant growth lighting scheme, we can achieve 3 pounds per lamp in 8 weeks.


California, USA


The system efficiency is 2.11 usable ppf/watt which is a good result. The average PAR was 1,228µmol/s.m2, a very high intensity.

Product evaluator

United Kingdom


Very good lamp, we use it to replace HPS, the planting effect is very good, and it is more power-saving.




We are now using multi-layer cultivation, which can cultivate 150,000 plants per week.




By using vertical cultivation, we grow more than 10 times more per acre than field farms.

China Horticultural Seeding Co., Ltd



Great light, great spectrum and very little heat. My team loves the Growers Republic Full Spectrum LED light with the supplemental UV + IR.

Joe Camp



These are absolutely amazing lights for half the price they are in the states. They use diodes from the same manufacturer that makes the Samsung lm 301's. I have a true 780W and it's comparable to Gavita.

David Wallace


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