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Growers Republic LED Grow Light with UV + IR

Ultra Violet (UV) light plays a significant role in all aspects of plant growth.

What Is UV?

UVA = 400-315nm

UVB = 315-280nm

UVC = 280-100nm

What Does UV Do for My Plants?

When the correct amount of UV is present, it:

  • increases oils and resins
  • increases root mass
  • causes more branching and less stretching
  • improves taste and smell
  • creates higher potency plants
  • increases resistance to insects, bacteria and fungus
  • can speed up the seed germination process
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Can LEDs Affect The Taste And Smell Of Your Crops?

Infrared (780-1000nm): Unlikely to influence crops’ taste and smell

Far-red (700-780nm): Likely to influence a crop’s flavor and aroma, but where it enhances, some it ruins others

Red Light (620-700nm): No noteworthy influence on taste and smell

Yellow-Orange (575-620nm): No noteworthy influence on taste and smell

Green (500-575nm): No noteworthy influence on taste and smell

Blue-Violet (400-500nm): Enhances seemly all crop species’ taste and smell

UV-A (315-400nm): Likely to enhance most crop species’ taste and smell

UV-B (280-315nm): Likely to enhance a crop’s taste and smell, but too light will impair photosynthesis in most crops

UV-C (100-280nm): Potentially too dangerous to use but may increase secondary metabolites and phenolic content, however, this may only result in better resistance to diseases

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